Saturday, January 13, 2007

Slow but Fun

I'm finally getting into building the big set which I started in July. If you go waaaay back you can see one of the earliest posts I made about it. The film and story have both changed a lot since I started this set, but it has always been part of my project. It's a T-shaped intersection in a nameless city with a lot of shops and old industrial buildings. The tallest building is the HappyBread Bakery, and I'm almost done with its facade. It's made of foam core with bass and balsa wood details. I still need to paint it and add signage. I know I've mentioned this before but I will say it again - I love old signs, especially painted ads. Every blank wall in this city will feature a painted ad for HappyBread, including a full 4-story ad on the side of the bakery intself. I love this kid of work, but it's really slow going.


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