Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rolling Along

I feel that I might actually meet my goal of finishing pre production by the end of the winter break. I've made some nice progress on several things, including completing the basement set that I started building in October.

This is the door that grabs Keaton's attentions and lures him and Lloyd into the mysterious basement room where the bread machine is hidden. It's based on a real door I discovered in the basement of Steuben Hall here at Pratt. It's uber creepy looking and even opens onto a wall.

Here's the basement set. It's made out of foamcore and every brick was hand carved into the surface. It's a pain but I think it looks very nice. Keaton races down the steps in opening shot while Lloyd repairs a lightbulb in the ceiling. The lightbulb and the ladder will be added digitally. I'll also be adding the stack of boxes that intially cover the door. This set is a little rickity, which is okay because it won't be used for stop-motion - only as a background for cut-out animation. There is just once tiny instance of stop-motion which will be Keaton opening the door. I'll animate the door opening by itself then digitally add Keaton later.

Finally, here's the baby version of the bread monster. This is a progress stage I forgot to document for his bigger brother. In this photo I've just glued two large piece of foam together to make the "monster sandwich." From this block I can carve most of the monster. I only need to add foam for the tail and head.


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