Saturday, December 09, 2006

Skinning the Beast

I finished foaming and skinning my monster. The skinning took about 1 quarter the amount of time the foam did, which was a nice surprise.

The skin is made from cotton batting soaked in liquid latex. Applying it is like making a skin tight body suit, only precision is not extremely important. I began by making sleaves. It's very easy to hide the seams by rubbing the cotton/latex mix into itself. The more jagged the seam, the better it blends. I really like how this skin looks. It wouldn't be good for every sort of creature, but it sure makes for a nice Dough Monster.

All done! He is now fully skinned and drying ackwardly. I just need to patch up a few thin areas and then I can begin the fun part - detailing his face. Cotton balls dipped in latex make a sort of clay which can be sculpted with some patience. I'll be giving him eyebrows, nostrils, lips, and other stuff. After that's all done I can begin the even more fun part - painting!!


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