Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The live-action part of my film has been bothering me a lot recently, but I was still determined to do it... even though I had no clue how. I needed some other people to tell me I was being crazy, and thank goodness some lovely ones spoke up and I finally cut it out. Now I'm only doing stop-motion and digital cut-outs. It's still a pardody monster movie though, and I think it will be even better now. But the old title, Project 2B, doesn't make sense anymore. Any ideas? Hrm.

Monday, September 11, 2006

First Animation Test!

Finally... stuff that moves! Now I feel like things are coming together. This is a test animation of the machine as it powers on. I took digital photos with the machine moved slightly in each. I chose my three favorites and cut them out and edited them in Photoshop, where I also drew the lightning. It was then composited and animated in AfterEffects. Fun stuff! And there's more on the way.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Machine

This has been consuming most of my time for the past week. It's a nuclear powered bread machine that goes wrong and creates a head-devourting monster instead of a neverending supply of food for the world. It started as a nasty old metal cart I found on Myrtle Avenue. I built a foamcore box around it, then bought the coolest looking dryer vents at Home Depot and stuck those on. I faked welds with Apoxie Sculpt and used thumb tacks as rivets. Later today I'm photographing it for a flashback scene where the machine has to look new. Then I can beat the crap out of it for the rest of the scenes where it needs to look old and abused.